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The Fastest, Most Reliable Way To Start, Build & Scale Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio...

You Have Real Estate Investing Goals, Dreams, And Freedom Aspirations. Don’t Let Lack Of Money Hold You Back.

Eliminate Your Biggest Real Estate Investing Obstacle… Build Your Real Estate Portfolio Without Using Your Money.

By Application Only...

Aspiring Real Estate Investor;

Tell me if this is you… you’re interested in Real Estate Investing, and you’re trying to get to the next level.

You might be brand new to this game, bought a few properties or maybe you’re ready to grow, scale and 10X your Real Estate portfolio.

You have ambitious plans, massive goals and you are crystal clear on your WHY, but something is missing on your quest to build your Real Estate Investing Empire—and you’re becoming disappointed, frustrated and feeling stuck.

So, what’s the biggest thing that’s standing between you and building the Real Estate Portfolio of your dreams?

For most people, it’s ACCESS TO MONEY.


Most assume that if they don't have the capital readily available, they have to quit and give up.

Perhaps you are lacking confidence, you (incorrectly) feel you’re not an expert or the thought of having a conversation with someone else about money absolutely terrifies you.

You worry you’ll look scammy, hypey or the dreaded fear of failure & being judged.

Perhaps you think it will take tons of extra time, and you’re already working way too many hours (you already have 3 'side hustles' on the go), and how do you fit another thing into your already full life.

Or maybe you’re waiting for the 'perfect market conditions' you're waiting for all the lights to turn green and your investment opportunity pitch presentation needs to be 100% perfect before you take the next steps.

Does one of those sound familiar?

Maybe ALL of them?


Here's a harsh reality, "Money is needed to buy Real Estate."

I remember exactly where I was when I heard this fundamental truth of Real Estate investing.

I was at a Real Estate Investing educational conference, and once the speaker on stage dropped this massive 'buzz killer' truth with the audience, you could have heard a pin drop after they shared this reality.

After hearing this harsh fact, it felt like someone kicked me in the stomach and all the air left my body.

Up to this point of the conference, I was flying sky high and was getting ready for 'world domination.' 💪

If you are feeling the same way, no worries, you are not alone...

I’ve been there— struggling to build my Real Estate portfolio barely treading water.

Flailing away.

I didn’t have any capital to invest and when I looked at my bank statements the most significant number I saw attached to my Visa (sigh) 😢.

So I get it – I really do. I know what it feels like.


Shortly after the shock and silence gripped this Real Estate Investing conference full of eager, ambitious and driven Real Estate Investors, the presenter empathically proclaimed;

"Yes it's true, money is required to buy Real Estate... BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS; It doesn't have to be your money"...

Whew... there's still hope!

Back on track, is how I felt.

So after discovering the fact that you can acquire Real Estate without using your own money, I was on a quest, a mission to learn from the best of the best, and most importantly execute against everything I was uncovering.

I worked really hard that first year… crazy hours all night long after the 'day job' was finished.

I worked more than full time… and at the end of the year… I had started to learn the combination to the vault. I had managed to start building a Real Estate portfolio using other peoples' money.

That might not sound like much of a milestone since I was working more than full-time hours. But it was an incredible result for me – because I started from scratch with less than nothing.

And I was getting a 'real world' education by doing. I was learning, networking with the key players and my skills were growing. I was dialing in my process, it was getting tighter, and I started to teaching others this process.

Throughout this process of self-discovery and massive action my confidence had taken a quantum leap forward.

I had finally discovered the process to go from zero to 100 kmh.


I’ve now replicated those results over and over again, for myself and thousands of other Real Estate entrepreneurs across the country.

Now I'm taking this to the next level, and I'm continuing my commitment to share everything with you.

I’m not about to promise you will 'get rich quick' and instant success. It took me a long time to get started. And even longer to figure it out.

Back when I first got started learning this process, there weren't any comprehensive and credible resources available.

There really weren’t any mentors or teachers available to take me under their wing and 'show me the ropes' – so my development was slower than anticipated.

I committed once I cracked this code that I was going to share, inspire, and encourage everyone that wants it, all that I have learned.

And since I know that pain of being stuck… I will now share with you the details and process I have uncovered. With the right tools, guidance, and training you can build the Real Estate portfolio that could change everything for you – like it did for me.

What follows below on this webpage is your personal invitation on how you can apply to be part of this incredible community of Real Estate Action takers.

More than two decades of my personal Real Estate investing experience, and years of development time into building this community.

Our team have poured our heart and souls into building this community and if you would like to join us, apply today...


Russell Westcott
#Inspire #Encourage #Love


Top Real Estate Investing Expert Reveals Insider Secrets To Build A Real Estate Portfolio (Without Using Your Money!).

Consider This As Your Official Invitation To Join Us.

WARNING: Belonging To This Community Will Give You An Unfair Advantage!

The Rai$ing Capital Academy Is...

A community of passionate action orientated Real Estate investors dedicated to helping support each other overcoming one of the most significant obstacles you will encounter as a Real Estate Investor - where to access the money to keep you moving forward.





Access To This Community Is For You If:

  • YOU have hit the brick wall and have already (or will soon) run out of your own personal investment capital.

  • YOU have bigger Real Estate Investing goals than currently available capital at your fingertips.

  • YOU have aspirations to become an elite Real Estate Investor. All successful investors have hit the lack of money hurdle and busted through, taking their investment to the next level after mastering this skill.

  • YOU are looking for alternative solutions instead of having to personally go to the bank and qualify for another Mortgage (which they won’t give you).

  • YOU have a desire to help others, you have a specialized knowledge, and you have people in your life that will need help with their investment returns.

  • YOU are looking to quit your 9-5.

  • YOU want to create security for your family and their futures.

  • YOU would like to create enough cash flow to go on as many vacations you want and never worrying about money again.

  • YOU are feeling frustrated with your activity level as a Real Estate Investor, and you are looking for acceleration, growth, and speed.

  • YOU want to go deep learning the skill of Rai$ing Capital. Other ‘programs’ may touch, gloss over or give you a summary of this skill. Enrolment into this community you will fully immerse yourself in the process, with the goal of mastery.

  • YOU are looking for the step-by-step system and guidance to unlock the vault and raise unlimited capital.

  • YOU are tired of hearing about all the theory and would like to align yourself with the right community of experts.

  • YOU want to learn a valuable skill, Mastery of this skill will apply to every type of Real Estate asset you will purchase. Plus, as a bonus mastery of this skill that will help you with any Business and Entrepreneurial venture you tackle.

  • YOU want to belong to a community of real estate action takers, so you can learn by doing and not just talking.

By Application Only...


The RaisIng Capital Academy Community Is Built Upon The FOUR Pillars Of Success







12 Online Modules- More Than 140+ Professional Edited In-Depth Video Lessons (80+ Hours). So You Can Learn The Entire Step-By-Step Process To Raise Capital On Demand At Your Pace And On Your Own Schedule...



Expert Videos- So You Can Watch 'Over My Shoulder' While I Interview The Players, The People Raising Capital In The Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Interview Series..



Monthly Implementation Webinars- So You Can Ask Any And All The Questions You'd Like, With 100% Focus On Implementing Your Deals...



Exclusive Private Facebook Community- So You Can Connect, Converse And Collaborate With The Serious People Raising Capital. This Group Only Includes The Academy Students, The Expert Contributors And Personal Coaching Clients...




12 Online Modules… So You Learn The Entire Step-By-Step Process To Raise Capital On Demand At Your Pace And On Your Own Schedule.


Detailed Tactical Training And Instruction To Start Grow And Scale The Real Estate Investing Portfolio Of Your Dreams.

More Than 140+ Professional Edited In-Depth Video Lessons (80+ Hours). So You Can Learn The Entire Step-By-Step Process To Raise Capital On Demand At Your Pace And On Your Own Schedule...

High Quality Training Materials

Rai$ing Capital Academy Training Modules

Take your time and review all the details below (hit the expand buttons). This community is one of the deepest resource rich communities around.

Knowledge is a major part of the success equation, but applied knowledge is where the magic happens. Each module is built upon you doing the work, taking action and reaping the rewards. Each and every week additional materials, checklists, agreements, interviews, videos are added.

Module #1 Welcome

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #1

Welcome & Your Roadmap to the Stars- How To Get The Most Out Of The Program, Your Mission, The Completion Challenge And Your Detailed Road Map…

  • How To Win With This Program- Your welcome package, orientation and detailed map to the stars. Francis of Assisi stated, “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Within this program you will be set up on the right path, the action steps to get to your final destination.
  • Welcome to Your Quest & Orientation To The Academy- You will be walked through the program, the tools at your fingertips, the resources, and your guides on this journey.
  • The #JVJedi Completion Challenge- There is a reward waiting for you at the end of the mission. The true benefit you will receive is completing the program and developing a skillset that you will be able to transfer to any area of your business and personal life
  • Your Roadmap to the Stars- Every successful mission starts with a map and a blueprint. If you feel lost or looking for the next step of the process refer back to your guide to get back on path

Module #2 Foundation

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #2

You Can’t Build On A Weak Foundation- Foundation, Introduction, Overcoming Fear, And Ten Steps To Raising Capital Mastery…

  • Overcome The Fear of Raising Capital- the thought of Raising Capital from other people appears to be a daunting and downright frightening activity. Discover, finally, how to silence your little inner voice saying; ‘Why would anyone invest with me… I’m not an expert”. Discover how to turn your fear into your greatest asset.
  • Build Your Confidence- this module shares with you the insider strategies for busting through the fear and anxiety of working with money partners and provides you the you the confidence to raise money from other people.
  • The 10 Steps To Raising Capital Mastery- a detailed blueprint of action steps to take you from zero to hero. Use this guide as your map to master the art & science of Raising Capital.
  • The F-A-S-T Action Implementation Plan- movement, motion and inertia is your friend in this game. You will immediately hit the ground running immediately after this module.

Module #3 Leads

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #3

Become The Hunted Not The Hunter- Wealth Attraction Mindset, Plus Defining, Understanding And Attracting Your Dream Investors…

  • Discover the E-A-S-Y Money Attraction Strategies- when it comes to raising capital, it is much better to be the hunted rather than the hunter. Learn the correct system, in the proper sequence, and have money partners seek you out. No more ‘cold calling’ and begging investors to work with you.
  • ​Define With Precision Your Dream Investor- you will create your dream investor persona and know exactly what makes your dream investors tick (their biggest hopes & dreams and their most daunting challenges, fears & concerns). You will become a real solution provider to real-world challenges your dream investors are currently facing.
  • ​Identify The ‘Key 100’- now that you have defined your dream investors, who controls their attention? Create a detailed, comprehensive and systematic plan to target the ‘gate-keepers’ of your dream clients attention.

Module #4 Qualify

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #4

Magic Words That Bring You Investors- Attention Building, Finding, Qualifying, And Presenting Your Investment Opportunities…

  • Presenting Your Deals- so you will never be ‘begging for money’ or come across ‘salelsy’ pushy or manipulative. Discover the presentation method for people who hate to sell and present.
  • ​The 3 'Must Have' Requirements- that you need to have in your presentations… turning investors who are 'on the fence' into investors who are ready to 'write the cheque'.
  • How To Handle All Investor Objections- calmly and confidently. In fact, after this presentation, you will learn why objections are positive, required and necessary to Raise Capital successfully.

Module #5 Structure

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #5

Let’s Make A Deal- Aligning, Negotiating, And The ‘Art & Science’ of Structuring Your Win/Win Deals…

  • Discover The Simple 4-M Deal Structure Process- there are only 4 key variables that you need to negotiate and once you discover this simple structuring method you will bust through the fear of raising capital… forever!
  • Powerful Alignment and Negotiation Strategies- execute these strategies correctly and your current investors will come back for more (and bring their friends). Unlock the simple 5-step S-E-R-V-E principals for negotiations so you can confidently and powerfully structure all your win/win deals.
  • ​Match the Right Investor to the Right Investment Opportunity- easy to understand, explain and implement the right opportunity with the right investor. Eliminate the ‘round peg in the square hole’ frustration, once and for all.
  • Know All Your Exit Strategies Before You Start Raising Capital- so that you can have multiple options available for all your qualified investors. You will have a menu of options at your fingertips, so you can prescribe the right opportunity to the right person.

Module #6 Lenders

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #6

Working Together With Your BFF’s- Working With Banks, Your Best Money Partners, And How To Turn One Of Your Biggest Frustrations Into Your Advantage…

  • Banks & Lenders Are Your Best Investment Partners- Often Real Estate Investors have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with our lenders. Remember banks are one of our greatest investment partners. In most cases, lenders will put up 75%+ of the money, and they don’t even want a cut of the ownership position. You will rarely hear from them, all you have to do is pay a monthly payment, and at the end of the term they want to renew until its paid off... the best investment partners!
  • How To Turn Your Frustration Into One Of Your Greatest Advantages- Access to capital for a Real Estate investor is like oxygen for living, both are required for survival. Use this frustration as a rallying cry, learn the process, understand the rules, do the work required, build the relationships and you will reap the benefits that other investors only hope and dream of achieving.
  • Discover the New Rules of Engagement- Lending rules are always changing. Be on the leading edge when it comes to getting your deals financed. Uncover the detailed strategies on how to work with investment partners & banks, so you will have the answers when all other Real Estate investment experts give up in frustration.
  • ​Build Long Term Lending Relationships With The A-B-B-A System- Implement the easy 4 step process to build long-term lending relationships so that you can secure mortgages when other investors are struggling and feeling frustrated.
  • Be The Solution Provider For Your Investment Partners- Become the investor who has the most options, and loves working with banks in turn you will become a sought out Real Estate expert with a line-up of investors waiting for your next opportunity. You will become that Real Estate expert with more capital available than properties to buy.

Module #7 Agreements

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #7

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours- Your Agreements, Understanding the Documents, And Protecting Yours and Your Investors Investments…

How you structure your agreements will ensure clear communication and ensure everyone is adequately protected. To deliver win/win deals clarity will be required to confidently move forward.

The agreements alone you will have access to, will be worth your investment into this community.

  • Demystify the Documents & Agreements- If the thought of having to create legal documents frightens you, or you think with will cost big $$$, don’t worry. You will know when you are to get involved in the process, and when to let your professionals work their magic .
  • Protecting All Parties- Having good agreements is like wearing a seatbelt in your car. You never have the intention of getting into an accident, but if anything should ever happen you will be glad you were wearing your seatbelt. No different than having good agreements in place. Your agreements serve as the solid foundation to Raising Capital.
  • Access to the Legal Experts- Lawyers who specialized in this area can run you upwards of $750+/ hour. Included in this community you will have access to multiple lawyers, multiple points of view and an entire treasure trove of done-for-you-documents and templates.
  • All the Forms & Documents: So you can have at your fingertips all the documents, checklists and agreements you require to become a success at Rai$ing Capital.

Module #8 Business

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #8

Taming The Paper/Digital Tiger- Business Operational Excellence. Managing The Day-To-Day Assets Like A Pro, Instilling Confidence With Your Investors…

If your future (or current) money partners come to your office and take a look ‘behind the curtain,’ of the business operations, how would they feel? Horrified? Inspired to pull out the cheque book and invest?

The goal of this module is to help you look like a Rockstar and instill confidence with your investors.

  • Best Reporting Practices- so you can report to your money partners and tax authorities with confidence. Always at your finger-tip, you will have the answers.
  • Simple And Easy Time-Saving Strategies- so you can take back control of your time and work on the task that matter most every day.
  • Senior Organizational Strategies- so you can organize your life and the cyclone of papers in your office. Plus, if you would like to go digital, how to structure your back-end operations to go paperless completely, and be able to run your business from anywhere in the world.
  • ​Real-Time Visibility- so you can establish your key metrics that shows precisely where things stand, addressing items before they become a crisis. Create an atmosphere of transparency and personal responsibility, allowing you to continue progress towards your goals.

Module #9 Follow-up

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #9

Happy Investors Are Your Best Closers- Clear Concise Communication, Referral Programs, And Your Follow-up Process…

Following-up is the real secret to keeping your investors happy. The most successful Real Estate experts keep their promises and follow-up. Perhaps that is why they are successful if they tell you they are going to call you, send you a letter, do you a favor, they do.

Discover a system to become one of the Real Estate Experts that follows-up and follows-through.

  • How to Handle the Tough Conversations With Your Investors- avoid the ‘fair weather only conversations.’ Address challenges quickly, creating positive outcomes.
  • Build Trust With Your Investors, With The C-A-R-E Program- paying attention to your current investors is easier, less time and cost than having to acquire a new investor.
  • Build a Compelling & Rewarding Referral Process- with continuous follow-up your investors will provide you with critical feedback and access to more investors.

Module #10 Mistakes

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #10

Beware of the Dark Side- Mistakes, Mis-Steps, Learn from Others’ Challenging Situations And How to Handle (and Prosper From) The Painful Lessons …

Bruce Lee once stated, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” It is inevitable if you will be in action, you’ll make your own mistakes.

Realize that you’re going to make mistakes learning from the mistakes of others (just not as big of an error). The lesson being is that learn as much as you can from others, including their mistakes. Dissect what went right and what went wrong. Then, adjust.

  • ​Avoid the ‘Dreaded 6 Mistakes’- you can make when raising capital. Avoiding these mistakes and learning the solutions will shave years off your learning curve and avoid the painful headaches and heartaches. You will avoid the big mistakes that cause most people to quit before they get started.
  • How To Build Your Resiliency Muscles- senior strategies to keep moving forward. You will hear the word ‘no’ more often than you like, become a Real Estate investor that uses the word no as fuel to continually press forward until yes.
  • Understand It Is a Numbers Game- the Real Estate investors that have achieved, what some would consider, success realize finding investment partners is just a math exercise. Approach enough people --> make enough offers --> hear yes more often. Discover how you can have the math work for you, not against you.
  • How Mistakes Can Be A Good Thing- a famous quote from Winston Churchill is; “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Discover how some of your greatest ‘failures’ can lead to your most epic victories.

Module #11 Mastery

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #11

JVJedi Mastery- Advanced Topics and Additional Buying Properties Without Your Own Money Strategies…

Deeper level conversations and materials such as:

  • Using RSP’s and other registered funds
  • Agreements For Sale (AFS)
  • ​Wholesaling secrets
  • ​Advanced negotiation strategies
  • ​Rent To Own (Lease To Own)
  • ​Senior raising capital from the public strategies
  • ​Deeper personal development training materials
  • ​And much more…

Module #12 Resources

Rai$ing Capital Academy Module #12

Professional Documents & Resources- Access To All The Forms Documents, Scripts, Hacks And Templates To Succeed In The Game Of Raising Capital…

Access to the resources required to become successful in this business. Each of these resources has been professionally created, time-tested and currently used in the field.

The resources you have at your fingertips are worth ten times what you have invested in as part of your enrollment in the community.

Not only is there a real and tangible cost saving, but more importantly there are a time and expertise savings associated with these documents. Years of expertise and field-testing has gone into creating each of these resources.

Many of these documents are pre-made fill-in-the-blanks and ready to implement.

** Lawyer Created Documents- so you can shortcut your learning curve (and your legal bill). Each transaction you complete is unique and deal specific, but by using these agreements, you can shave off legal time.

** Personal Collection of Documents- so you can instantly look like a professional by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Included resources for you (note this list of resources continues to grow, and new resources are added on a regular basis) :

  • ​Agreements (3 Different Joint Venture Agreements)
  • ​Letters Of Intent
  • ​Declaration of Trust Agreements
  • Property Pitch Presentation Packages
  • ​Property Analyzers
  • ​Flip Analyzers
  • ​Property Portfolio Spreadsheet
  • ​Where To Invest Area Checklist
  • Presentation Templates
  • Scripts, What To Say And The Key Questions To Ask
  • Checklists
  • ​Flowcharts
  • Cheat Sheets
  • And Much More…



Access To The Expert Videos… So You Can Watch 'Over My Shoulder' While I Interview The Players, The People Raising Capital In The Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Interview Series

Exclusive Access To...

Real Estate Investors




Property Managers


Mindset Coaches

Private Lenders

Productivity Experts

Access To The Experts...

‘Stand on My Shoulders’ As I Interview The Player (the Giants), The People Raising The Capital And Getting The Job Done. Currently This Group Featured In The Interviews Has Raised More Than 2+ Billion (Yes, Billion) Dollars And Growing...


What's Inside...

  • How Veteran Academy Member Purchased 200 Rental Units And How He Earns An Income As A Full-Time Real Estate Investor

  • How To Overcome ALL Investor Objections

  • How To Bust Through The Fear Of Talking To Other People About Money

  • How To Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business

  • Confessions And Inside Information From A Raising Capital Professional (Someone Who Makes A Living From Raising Capital For Others)

  • ​The Detailed Strategies One Raising Capital Member Bought 78 Apartment Units In 18 Months


Including ...

  • How One Investor Started With One Student Rental Property And In 15 Years Has Built An $80MM Portfolio

  • How To Own A Portfolio Of Properties FREE & CLEAR, And Why This Should Be The Goal Of ALL Real Estate Investors

  • How To Balance The Requirements Of A Family Life While Owning And Building A Real Estate Business

  • How One Community Member Purchased More Than 2,000 Rental Properties, Raising More Than $45MM Sharing His Insights How To Build A List Of Investors And How He Nurtures That List.

  • Detailed Financing Strategies, From Multiple Experts How to work with Your Capital Partners and Your Banks


Plus ...

  • How to Approach Money Partners When You Are Painfully Shy and Introverted

  • Creating a Hands off Business That You Can Operate Anywhere in the World

  • Best Reporting Strategies, When Reporting to Your Money partners and The Tax Authorities

  • How to Quit Your Day Job, And Go Full Time In Real Estate... The Real Life Story

  • How to Buy Properties and Structure Your Deals if You are Not on Title (a very important topic in the current lending environment)

  • What to do if you ever get contacted by the Provincial governing bodies focused on selling securities.


And So Much More ...





Monthly Implementation Webinars… So You Can Ask Any And All The Questions You'd Like, With 100% Focus On Implementing Your Deals.

Set And Hit Your Goals With Precision...

With the Raising Capital Academy Implementation Webinars

What’s the difference between investors who struggle and investors who succeed?
Implementation & doing the work!

Having a team walk you through your deals is an integral part to make sure you effectively implement the techniques you have learned.

A crucial part of this community is DOING… So, we’ve added an accountability and implementation pillar. The implementation webinars alone will be worth your investment into the community.


  • Live Monthly Implementation Webinars- so you can keep in motion moving forward, plus you will learn what’s working now in the market (and what’s not), from people Raising Capital and getting deals done.

  • Access to the Raising Capital Academy Video Library Vault- so you can ‘binge-watch’ and never miss any of the vital learnings & Insights. Pending when you join the community, on top of the monthly live implementation webinars, there will also be an archive of the previous sessions for you to dive in and not miss a thing.

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) Facebook Live Broadcasts- regularly (almost weekly) I go live into private Facebook group, so you can get all your questions answered, in a timely and safe environment

Some Of The Recent Implementation Webinar Topics...

  • How to Structuring Your Win/ Win Deals

  • Presenting Your Irresistible Deals- Practice Your Pitch Presentations

  • ​How to Quit Your Day Job, And Go Full Time In Real Estate

  • How You Can Use RRSP Funds to Grow & Scale Your Portfolio

  • ​Investors On Demand, The Investor Marketing & Leads System

  • The 5 Key Joint Venture Agreement Terms, Building Your Agreement Checklist

  • The Real Estate Influencer Program

  • What To Do When Things Go Wrong

  • Sourcing Deal & Acquiring Funding; The $725K Vendor Take-back Case Study

  • Get More Things Done Using The Power of Focus, featuring Les Hewitt

  • Mastering Your Communications, How To Deliver a Presentation That Moves People Into Action

  • All Things Private Lending, Protecting Both The Borrower and The Lender

  • How To Outsource All The Tasks You Don't Want To Do & Financial Preparedness

  • Building Your Killer Investor Presentation Package, Including A Done For You Template

  • The Top Lessons Learned Over Two Decades of Real Estate Investing

  • Discover the R.P.M. Method for Accomplishing All Your Goals

Just A Few Recent Members' Wins...


Tom has recently raised over $300,000 and his money partners are qualifying for the mortgages...


Brian made $10,000 with 10 hours work. Finding a good deal and assigning it to another buyer...


Mike has recently raised over $250,000. He attributes his recent success to his confidence and guidance...


Rich recently raised over 400,000 in 48 hours...


Mike & Dawn Raised another 1/2 Million from their money partners and shares his insider secrets with the community...


Travis doubled his portfolio with the support of the community.


Zach secured his first Joint Venture (outside of family& friends) and is pumped & ready for more...


Trish has been following the implementing the education, and is producing spectacular results...


Holly is excited and nervous, but with support of the community she is moving forward...